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About Us

Your Solar Energy Specialists!

We want you to get the best results through solar energy for your home and business. This is why we are selective as to which solar installers we will invite to provide you with a quote. We ensure that you receive;

  • Real advice
  • Quality brands for solar panels and inverters
  • Trustworthy installers
  • Great, competitive quotes

Solar energy offers big savings to Australian home owners and business owners alike. It isn’t surprising with the how sharply electricity bills are rising. Our goal is to provide you with great information, and quotes from reputable solar installers.

Renewable energy is being seen as the future source for electricity consumption. We are already starting to see just how much of a difference it is making. For example, there are over 1,400,000 homes now installed with solar energy systems.

Traditionally, businesses have been slower in taking up the benefits associated with renewable energy, however, this is also starting to change quite rapidly – especially with the introduction of the governments $20K Tax Write-Off Incentive for Small Business. More than 15,000 businesses use solar energy, and make a combined saving of more than $64,000,000 each year (Mr Thornton – Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council Australia).

You benefit by being able to compare the competitive quotes, which will be provided by knowledgeable, trusted solar companies from your local area. Once your solar energy system is installed, you will quickly see the results!

Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions, based on good advice and knowledge provided by both us and solar installation companies. If we achieve this goal, we have done our job.

We want to encourage people like you to invest in solar energy; to save you money and help protect our environment. We believe that giving you the information and knowledge to achieve this, as well as arranging for quality installers to provide you with competitive quotes, we will achieve that goal. Feel free to Contact Us now.