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Commercial Solar Power: Huge Reductions in Operating Costs

Commercial Solar Power will Reduce Your Expenses

The results of commercial solar power are quickly seen. The benefits to business include:

  • Potential passive income for power exported back into the electricity grid
  • Goodwill thanks to the social responsibility of utilising renewable energy (clean energy)

It sounds great, doesn’t it? However, if we are to be honest, it is the first point that has really captured our attention. In a highly competitive world, any edge you can take advantage of will benefit the bottom line. A reduction in operating expenses is not always an easy option. However, with commercial solar power, you are able to maintain that ‘edge’ long term, as the electricity expense will remain lower due to the long life expectancy of a business solar system.

Are you a small business eligible for the Govt’s $20K Tax Write-Off? Then Business Solar has never been more appealing! Combining the Tax Write-Off with the Govt’s Rebates provides you with a great system at a ridiculously low price – contact us today to find out more

In one case study brought to our attention, an educational facility is now paying approximately 30% of their previous electricity costs after the installation of a commercial solar system. Their results are a saving of 70% within their operating expenses. The results of installing a business solar power system will vary from company to company mainly due to the differences in electricity consumption and location. However, reputable commercial solar installers will be able to provide you with a more detailed analysis when they come and discuss your energy requirements.

Thanks to the introduction of hybrid business solar systems and battery storage options, now businesses that operate beyond daylight hours can still benefit from great savings. By installing a hybrid commercial solar system, power is available when needed. It has the added advantage of creating a passive income by exporting surplus power back into the electricity grid as well.

For more information on getting the competitive edge and reducing your operating expenses, contact us today in regards to quotes and installation of your commercial solar system.