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The Different Solar System Options

Solar System Options – On-Grid, Hybrid & Off-Grid (Stand Alone)

Finding the right solar system for your individual requirements is vital to ensuring you get the best results. There are three main options;

  • On-Grid: You can still draw power from the electricity network (usually after daylight hours.
  • Off-Grid: You are not connected to the electricity network at all. This is also known as a ‘Stand Alone Solar System’ and it uses batteries to store power for use after daylight hours.
  • Hybrid: This is the best of both worlds. You have the self-sufficiency of the ‘Off-Grid’ solar system. You also get the benefits of still being connected to the electricity network. This system includes battery storage. However, it also allows you to export excess power back to the network, and draw power where necessary.

So which solar system is best for you? There are a number of variables that you will need to consider to help answer this question. If you live rurally or remotely, an Off-Grid or Stand-Alone system is probably going to be your best bet. However, if you are a business that only operates during daylight hours, or a residential home that uses power during the day (pool filter, washing machine, dishwasher, etc), an On-Grid system is a great place to start.

When choosing a solar system, let us arrange quotes from trusted, local solar installers who will be able to assist you in identifying which solar system is going to get you the best results. It is recommended to have a list of your questions ready for the installers. This will help in a number of ways, including;

  • Helping you select the installers you prefer to deal with
  • Helping the installers detect which type of solar system is going to suit your requirements.
  • Comparing quotes (comparing apples with apples)

Please note that the Off-Grid and the Hybrid solar system prices are going to be slightly higher than the On-Grid system, as they include the battery storage aspect. When you are receiving your quotes, the solar system installers will be able to fully explain the systems, their recommendations and a solution that meets your electricity usage requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, throughout the process.